ul.Słowikowa 13, 81-198 Suchy Dwór, Poland
tel. +48 58 781 77 77, fax +48 58 781 55 55

About us

thumb strona-glownaThe company was established in 1990, and since 2002, when all the shares were bought by the present shareholders, a new stage of functioning of Sea-Logistics begun. Since the very beginning our company has observed a very dynamic growth. It has reflected in bigger and bigger turnovers every next year, offering wider and wider range of activities, also our employment has grown from two in the beginning to eleven persons at the moment. In 2010 we moved our rented office from a prestigous place located in the heart of Gdynia City, at Kosciuszki Square to our own building at Suchy Dwór, right next to Gdynia. Our second office is located at Port of Gdansk, thanks to which we have an immediate and direct control over transshipments.



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