ul.Słowikowa 13, 81-198 Suchy Dwór, Poland
tel. +48 58 781 77 77, fax +48 58 781 55 55

The company was established In 1990, and since 2002, when all the shares were bought by the present shareholders, a new stage of functioning of Sea-Logistics begun. For last two years our company has observed a very dynamic growth. It has reflected in two-three times bigger turnovers every next year, also our employment has grown from two in the beginning to eight persons at the moment. Recently we moved to our new office in a prestigous place located in the heart of Gdynia City, at Kosciuszki Square. Our second office is located at Port of Gdansk, thanks to which we have an immediate and direct control over transshipments.

Since the very beginning Sea-Logistics has been gaining competition superiority and positive recognition from its partners thanks to full dedication and commitment of our employees, who has been treating each, even smallest shipment, as their own. They have been caring for securing always the fastest, safest and mostly cost-effective way of transport of any single shipment on door-to-door basis. Along with our growth the quality standards of our services have become better and better, being one most important tasks of ours.

We are fully aware not only selling of the commodities by our partners, but also just-in-time and without any mistakes organised deliveries determine opinion about themselves in the eyes of their customers. Because of that all our activities and services are focused on our Customers’ maximalization of their satisfaction (especially the financial one). We are proud to say no partner terminated his co-operation with us because of the bad quality of our services. We’ll do more than our best our Customers would never have such intensions…


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