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Since 2009 we have been engaged in a so called "Fruit project in Port of Gdansk", which is expected to erect within the presently being built Pomeranian Logistics Centre Gdansk (PLC), which is situated at the direct backyard of the biggest polish container terminal DCT Gdansk.

The idea of the "Fruit project" is to establish within PLC a dedicated distribution centre for all kinds of foodstuff perishables (e.g. fruits, vegetables, goods of animal origin like meat, fish, eggs, dairy products etc.), which would come or leave Poland in containers through polish ports, both in import and export, as well as in transit to/from the neighbouring countries.

Presently there is no such distribution centre next to polish sea ports, therefore the prevailing amount of polish trade of perishables comes to or leaves Poland by trucks and is being transshipped through the ports of Western Europe.

We have been participating and organising ourselves number of conferences and meetings promoting this project, each time facing good understanding and approval for our activities from the potential participants and customers of this undertaking. A particularly important support we received from polish border services, which officially confirmed their engagement and readiness for further co-operation in order to improve and smoothen procedures and border clearances of perishables to encourage the owners of cargoes to direct them through eg. Port of Gdansk or Gdynia, instead of using western european ports.

In the links enclosed at this page you will find both the Letters of Intent issued by polish border services, as well as the presentation of our "Fruit project in Gdansk".

Should you have any further question or suggestions/ideas/proposals related to the "Fruit project", you are warmly welcome to send them to us using the following This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Letters of intent: